Bibliografica Quir is a project by BREVE. It is the work of an Italian lesbian transplanted to the Netherlands via the United Kingdom. In addition to the love of paper, the collection was inspired by a personal research on love between women and it is slowly expanding to include other marginalized identities. Currently the main nucleus of the collection is made up of Italian, English and Dutch books. For more information visit the website:

Bibliografia? From βιβλιογραϕία. A bibliography is a list of publications, either collected thematically or collected in support of a research. The term bibliography is also the name for the doctrine and art of the external description of the book.

Quir *? It’s an Italianization of Queer. I first met the term in this version in the independent magazine Quir, by Nina Peci, active in Florence in the 1990s.

Collage on photo by George Hoyningen-Huene, Bibliografica Quir

Purchased, found, given away, these much-loved books are part of the BibliograficaQuir collection, they are its reason for existing. About 300 titles are included in the online catalog, divided for convenience into Italian and foreign works. History, poetry, fiction, theory, (pseudo) science and everything that cannot be classified. The catalog can be consulted: